Concept System of D&Y

       1. Corporate logo

        The graphic composition of the Group “D” and “Y”, that is, the initials of Chinese Pinyin “Dai” and “Yin”. “D” symbolizes the sun, which shines proudly in the sky, highlighting self-improvement, self-improvement, and self-improvement, and self-motivation, while the insufficiency of the sun logo implies people's expectation of perfection. "Y" is the trajectory left by the sun's operation, and it shows the ambitious goal of "D&Y" – to establish itself and serve people across the world. 

       2. Corporate Image: to Establish Itself and Serve People across the World

       The magnificent target of D&Y is to establish itself and serve people acrossthe world. “Dai” is short for Daizong, or Mount Tai, "Yin" is a metaphorical word of the textile and garment industry. To establish the company, we bravely scale new heights. To serve people across the world, webring them garments in fine style and make their life more enjoyable. 

3. Corporate Goals: To Build a Branded, International and Reputable Enterprise

The strategic goal of D&Y is to base on the modern textile industry, follow the leading business division of garment, maintain a stableand sustained economic growth, and vigorously build the company into a branded, international and reputable enterprise leading in the country and the world.

4.Corporate Spirits: Pursuit of Excellence and Contribution to Community

What D&Y people have to do is to try their utmost and finally reach a perfect standard. D&Y people always take contribution to community as their first responsibility. They make every effort to do their duty to the country, community, and employees.

5.Corporate Style: Hard Work, Dedication, Arduousness Entrepreneurship

"Hard work" means to be pioneering and enterprising, and willing to attempt and explore. "Dedication" is to love what you do and to invest great enthusiasm and wisdom in the cause. "Arduousness” is not only about hardships, actually, we advocate this spirit to promote the righteousness and inspire morale. "Entrepreneurship" is an upgrade based on one own position and innovation, and every step in the development of the enterprise is "entrepreneurship."

6.Marketing Concept: Market is Job Site

The ultimate goal of the enterprise is realized in the market. All the work of D&Y is market-oriented and all actions are carried out around the market demand. Wherever the market is, where is D&Y people and D&Y services. The vast market is a large workshop of D&Y.

7. Service Concept: To Constantly Create Surprises and Impressions for Customers

Users are the foundation for the survival and development of an enterprise. Customers are always in the first place in the minds of D&Y people. The working standard of D&Y is to provide customers with the best quality products and the most considerate services, to meet the uttermost requirements of customers and constantly create surprises and impressions for customers.