We are experiencing a profound change in which the fittest survives. The tempering bytrials and hardships has created a strong conviction and a resolute character of "D&Y people", leaving behind shining footprints. Dissatisfied with the status quo and daring to be the first, the self-improving consciousness prompts us to take a new attitude to meet the new challenges of economic globalization, and go all out to build a new branded, international, and reputable enterprise.

        We are eager to build a successful business. Realization this desire must be guaranteed with clear concepts and goals. We have to be pragmatic, sincere and conscientious, people-oriented, pioneering and innovative, pursuing excellence, and contributing to community, so that we can become an economic giant who will always maintain vitality. 

        It is a magic weapon worthy of cherishing for any company to be realistic and pragmatic. Practice has proved that truth seeking can be practical and fruitful. The achievements made by "D&Y" today are based on this foundation.

        Sincerity is the key to the door to success. The development history of "D&Y" advancing with the times shows that sincerity is a quality that helps the enterprise to show its competitiveness, won people’s trust, to be in favor with the general public and start a cause. The rapid development of "D&Y" in the past cannot be separated from sincerity and leapfrog development requires sincerity. 

        Responsibility is an essential condition to adapt to social competition. Those who do not fulfill their responsibilities do not have the ability to compete in society. D&Y has always relied on the valuable sense of responsibility of its employees to gain the strength for survival and development even since it was a small and weak company. We will, as always, do our duty to the country, the community, and the employees.

        We should be people-oriented in a project of vital and lasting importance. We have always been committed to building a sound and scientific mechanism for competition, incentives, constraints and training, creating the best environment for employees to display their talents, and bringing employees more opportunities to give full play to wisdom, energy and learning. We hope to stimulate internal fair competition and allow employees to feel a sense of urgency and crisis. In the atmosphere of mutual care, hard work, and harmony, employees may demonstrate their values with diligence and talent. The future of "D&Y" is created and delineated with sincerity, love, self-respect and a sense of honor. 

        If you don't advance, you will go backwards. If you don't make innovations, it will be difficult to adapt to competition. Every day, the market relentlessly eliminates some uncompetitive enterprises and products, while some innovative enterprises and high-quality branded products are increasingly prosperous. Innovation is the key to sustained and rapid growth of an enterprise and an economy; innovation creates the future; innovation will enable us to win new competitions in the era of knowledge and information.

        Holding a firm belief, we purse excellence and strive for excellence. We are convinced that human effort is the decisive factor. Success always belongs to those who are persistent, tenacious, consistent, and courageous in competition. Time and tide wait for no man and we will never be satisfied. What we have to do is to be prepared for danger in times of safety andbe higher, swifter and stronger. 

        Society is the source of corporate profits, so we must contribute to society and employees. Customers need respect and a pleasant cooperation. We should reward customers, because they finally choose us out of so many choices; we should cherish customers, because the number of customers is limited and our hard work depends on their recognition. We should thank customers and we are obliged to provide high-quality services. We should always hold customer satisfaction as our standard of work, and strive to win the recognition of customers. It is our wish to develop together with customers. We welcome world brands to bring their successful experiences which will serve as a new starting point for “D&Y”.

        Corporate competition depends on strength and brand in domestic and international markets. The competition is fierce and only the fittest survives. The ultimate goal of the enterprise is realized in the market. The business philosophy of the company is that the market is our job site. D&Y people must win the market and create the market with the best actions.

        Our strategic goal is to be based on the modern textile industry and led by the garment business division. We will accelerate the process of building a branded, international and reputable enterprise and maintain the Group's sustained, healthy and rapid growth.

        We will establish ourselves and serve people across the world. The Group rose at the foot of Mount Tai and once experienced hard times and hardships. Difficulties and setbacks have created a strong leadership team that can face all kinds of challenges, cultivated an excellent team of employees who take pride in their hard work, and cultivated a "D&Y style" that values hard work, dedication and entrepreneurship. Whenever we ascend to a new height, what is presented to us will be a broader horizon.

        In the new century, "D&Y" will follow the trend of the times, pursue excellence, and create a national brand in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation; we will contribute to the community and embellish the colorful life and world!

Zhao Huanchen, Chairman of Daiyin Group