Introduction to D&Y Wool Spinning

        D&Y Wool Spinning has more than 300 sets of spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing equipment with advanced level at home and abroad and an annual production capacity of 5 million meters. The products are medium and high-end woolen fabrics made from high quality raw materials such as cashmere, alpaca, mohair, rabbit hair, and sheep wool. Adopting international advanced technologies, various types of high-quality woolen fabrics of dozens of categories and thousands of varieties are produced to serve domestic and international high-end clothing brands as a top main supplier in the country.  Products by D&Y Wool Spinning are exported to Japan, South Korea, European Union and other countries and regions and favored by local customers, and maintain a high visibility and reputation in the domestic and foreign markets.

        Features of D&Y Wool Spinning

        D&Y Wool Spinning has a professional new product R&D design team composed of national senior designers. The company has domestically leading R&D capabilities and a number of patented technologies. Its products have won more than 120 awards such as “First Award of China International Fabric Design Competition”, “First Award of Weierjia in New Products Evaluation”, and “Excellence Award for China Popular Fabrics”. From selection of wools to storage of new products, D&Y strictly control the whole processes such as dyeing, weaving, spinning and trimming.The products are inspected strictly according to the national standards and America standards’ four-point system for top-quality products inspection. The barcode system is used to record the relevant information of the products so that the quality record information of each package of products is traceable. The "24-hour Quality Feedback System" is formulated, according to which, site handling will be provided to customers immediately after a feedback is received, and top customer service is guaranteed. Through strict quality management, the company has created a recognized quality in the industry.

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