Introduction to D&Y Textile

        D&Y Group's textile industry was founded in 1987 and is the leading industry of Group. With 500,000ring 500,000 ingots, 10,000 rotor spinning pieces, D&Y textile produces more than 200,000 tons of various types of new differentiated yarns every year. All main equipment is manufacturedby world leading spinning machine manufacturers. D&Y is a "national textile product development base" identified by China Textile Industry Federation, and its products are new structure and new fiber yarns and customized yarns. "D&Y" branded bamboo yarns, covering yarns, composite yarns, rotor spinning yarns, color spinningyarns and other differentiated products maintain a high reputation in the industry. D&Y Textile has established stable strategic cooperation relations with a number of competitive, well-qualified upstream and downstream customers at home and abroad and its markets cover the whole country and more than 20 countries abroad.

 Features of D&Y Textile 

Sophisticated Production Equipment

Main equipment used by D&Y Textile are from world's top spinning machine manufacturers.The company is equipped with Swiss’ Rieter combers, drawing frames, Italy’sSavioautomatic winders and other world-class spinning equipment. D&Y Textile hasthe first German-made full process, intelligent digital spinning productionline in the country, which realizes automated production of the whole processes from raw materials to finished products, achieves centralized monitoring andremote control, making it a model for production patterns of the textile industry in the future.

Strict Quality Control

D&Y Textile firmly adheres to the concept of "fine spinning and weaving forD&Y brand" and "100% quality control", establishes ascientific and perfect fine production management system and an overall qualitymanagement system. The product quality stays among the best in the industry,and the first-class product rate of warehoused yarns is maintained at 99.99% and better. D&Y yarns have won honors such as national inspection-freeproducts, national fine yarns for yarn-dyed weaving, Shandong Province famousbrand products, Germany Belcoro quality certification, etc.


Strong R&D Capabilities

D&Y Textile adheres to the path of scientific and technological innovation,actively adopts new processes, new technologies, and new raw materials,intensifies scientific and technological innovation, and cultivates core competitive advantage. The enterprise is the first to conduct researches oncovering yarns, bamboo yarns and other production technologies and is identified as a "national textile product development base";the production technology for "siro spinning bamboo yarns" wins the National Invention Patent Gold Award as the first patented technology to win the "Gold Award" in the textile industry. More than 80 technologies and products have passed provincial level and above authentications and reachedthe domestic leading level and higher levels.

Differentiated product structure

With core technologies and fine management modes, based on a high starting point, high standards, and high grades, D&Y Textile has focused on the textile market segment for a long time. Through professional efforts, a differentiated productstructure and a rapid response capacity are established and order-basedproduction for all products are achieved. Covering yarns, bamboo yarns, colored spinning yarns, rotor spinning yarns, and special-purpose yarns and other feature products by D&Y has formed a unique advantage in the industry and enjoya high reputation in domestic and foreign markets, and its sales networks covers the whole world. 

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